Surfaces® are

Permanently STAIN-FREE

The only commercial Type II wall covering that wipes clean.

All Graphic Decals are

Fully Customizable

Fleet graphics that make your brand shine.

CleanFleet® Repels

Dirt & Pollutants

Resists chemicals, dirt, UV fading, oils, and friction with a wipe-clean surface.

All Graphic Decals are

Fully Customizable

Your art, your photos, your design – or choose clear to protect your existing surfaces – walls, cars, tables, trucks, and more.

BrandArmor® Graphic Decals & Wall Coverings

BrandArmor is a family of durable polymer, cleanable graphic decals designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and still look brand new after a hard day of work. Traditional vinyl decals used in vehicle wraps or wall décor lose their sheen and permanently stain too easily. That’s because pollutants bond with the plasticizers in the PVC – which leads to staining, fading, and flaking.

BrandArmor uses a polymer that encapsulates your graphic decals with a zero-PVC polymer surface which makes your decals chemically inert and able to repel contaminants, even sharpie doodles just wipe off. 

What to Expect

Easy installation
Custom graphics with PMS color-matching
Effortless maintenance
UV protection
15 years of customer service and experience
Unmatched 100% five-year warranty

The facts speak for themselves, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our customers represent a spectrum of industry professionals that have come to rely on BrandArmor products to make their jobs easier, safer, and more efficient.

“We did have some [traditional car wrap vinyl] decals on our trucks – safety decals and the city’s emblem – but they always looked dirty within a month or two. The wear and tear of garbage collection starts to stain them right away.”

According to John Williamson, Solid Waste Division Supervisor for the City of Sarasota, Florida, his team would spend at least 30 minutes scrubbing each truck after every shift in what he called a “never-ending battle.” After installing custom-designed CleanDecal® vehicle wraps on their trucks that wipe clean with a gentle cleanser and water, the team’s cleaning time went down dramatically – giving them more hours back to their day.