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The only 100% Product Replacement Warranty


BrandArmor® brings its innovative technology to bear on the fleet graphic industry with the development of specialized solutions and products. Our team works to constantly identify, create, market and produce a family of unique products and solutions across a broad range of industries.

Our BrandArmor® product solutions are all designed to outlast alternatives but more importantly to look clean, bright and shiny throughout their expected 7-10 year lives, even in environmentally challenging industries such as refuse, cement, construction, over the road trucks and service truck fleets.

5-Year 100% Product Replacement Warranty

BrandArmorTM products were created to last and support your brand in a positive way throughout their life. At BrandArmorTM “we say what we mean and mean what we say”, this is why we have paired the most durable and longest lasting products in the graphics industry with the only 5-Year 100% product replacement warranty which is underwritten and insured by a large national “Excellent” rated insurance company. At BrandArmorTM your brand will be promoted and protected, its guaranteed!

  • Atlanta – Corporate Office
  • Columbia, SC
  • Winston-Salem, NC
  • Las Vegas, NV