Permanent Protection

The only vehicle decal that prevents fading and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Fully Customizable

Your art, your photos, your design – or choose clear to protect your existing surfaces.

Repels Dirt & Pollutants

Resists chemicals, dirt, UV fading, oils, and friction with a wipe-clean surface.

Better Visibility

Get up to an additional 1,800 extra feet of visibility for safe stopping power.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphic Decals

BrandArmor offers a selection of self-adhering, long-lasting, protective vehicle wraps & decals to keep your fleet looking great and provide enhanced safety to your drivers. All of our CleanFleet solutions are, easy to clean, resistant to the most damaging substances, and fully customizable. Products are organized by function, so please scroll through the CleanFleet products list to find the right decal for your needs.


Vehicle wraps are a great way to brand your fleet, but there’s a shelf life to those decals. Traditional vinyl fleet graphics degrade with exposure to corrosive agents in the air and environment and UV exposure. Eventually, that bright, shiny look starts to fade and flake off in areas where contaminants have eaten away at the decals. With CleanDecal, those concerns are obsolete. CleanDecal is the only 5-year 100% product replacement warranty – which means your vehicle decals are going to look as clean and professional as the day you installed them. A gentle wash with non-abrasive cleansers and water removes any dust or dirt.

Your CleanDecals are custom-made to your specifications for any color, graphic, and shape desired. Installation is similar to any standard vinyl decal and we can arrange for professional installation teams to do the work nationwide.

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Are you tired of your garbage truck’s cab shield looking like…well, garbage? Your fellow waste industry leaders agreed and that’s why they collaborated with us to develop CleanShield – a protective decal that covers the surface of your truck’s cab shield to protect it from the most corrosive pollutants. Our BrandArmor® polymer repels everything: even battery acid.

CleanShield can be branded with your company’s colors and logo or it can be transparent for a subtle approach to protecting your truck. It adheres to your cab shield or outer hopper wall on your automated side-loader. You can install CleanShield on existing fleet vehicles (with some prep work), but the best plan is to apply CleanShield in the factory prior to your vehicles entering service. Heil, EZ Pack, New Way, and LaBrie offer CleanShield as a factory-installed option to make things easy for you.

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Want to protect more than just your truck’s shield? CleanCab is a clear or opaque adhesive covering that projects your truck from the dreaded “garbage juice.” It’s best when applied to newly painted surfaces, whether they’re coming straight from the factory or after repairs have been made to the cab after corrosion.

Your CleanCab is easy to install, easy to maintain, and a breeze to clean. Like all BrandArmor products: a non-abrasive cleanser and a splash of water will remove dirt, oil, and grime from our self-adhering roof and cab protectors.

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The safety of your team matters. Traditional reflective decals allow for visibility up to 500 feet – but that isn’t always good enough. Our SafetyFirst prismatic reflectives are visible up to 1,800 feet rain or shine. We use a material used extensively across Europe, but it’s now available in the United States and we want to make sure every vehicle – from law enforcement to waste haulers to transportation and more – have access to this powerful safety tool. SafetyFirst reflective decals can be customized to fit your brand. They’re also easy to install and stain-proof – all you need is a gentle soap and water to keep your vehicles looking pristine.

BrandArmor is the proud provider of decals for the “Slow Down to Get Around” safety program for refuse fleets developed by the Solid Waste Association of North America.

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How it Works

Our CleanFleet vehicle wraps and graphic decal products are like “stickers on steroids.” At first glance, they’re a lot like normal decals – easy to install, simple to customize, and attractive and professional to see. What the eye doesn’t see is our polymer that makes your CleanFleet decals a permanent barrier between your vehicle and all kinds of dirty, corrosive agents looking to make a mess of your brand, damage your paint, and rust your fleet. You’ll watch liquids literally roll off the decal. Any additional dust, dirt, oil, and splatters come off with your preferred non-abrasive cleanser and water. The grime wipes off and your CleanFleet decal looks as bright and shiny as the day you applied it – it’s like getting new vehicles after every wash.

Project Inspiration

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