BrandArmor Surfaces – Easy to clean, permanently!

Fully Customizable

Your art, your photos, your design – or choose clear to protect your existing surfaces.

Repels Dirt & Pollutants

Resists chemicals, dirt, UV fading, oils, and friction with a wipe-clean surface.

Redefine Your Spaces with Style

We’re revolutionizing large-scale wall, floor, and ceiling graphics and finishes – making them functional, durable, easy to maintain, and, most importantly, beautiful. BrandArmor wallcoverings use innovative technology with polymer surfaces, to stay pristine even in the harshest conditions, ensuring a brand-new appearance year after year.


BrandArmor wallcoverings are manufactured using our proprietary BrandArmor polymer. This provides a stain-free surface where even Sharpie doodles wipe off with your favorite mild cleanser. BrandArmor laminate also blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays – allowing you to use them inside or out without risk of colors fading.


BrandArmor Ceilings offer versatility, allowing for print in any pattern or color with options for backlighting. With an estimated 20-year lifespan, our ceilings are durable, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Ceilings are uncharted territory for cafes, restaurants, dentists, medical offices, and more. Cover ceilings to create easily cleanable surfaces with added visual appeal. 


BrandArmor custom printed floors are made to stand the test of time. We reverse print on the underside of 50mil sheet – meaning that no traffic or airborne pollutants can damage the design as it is protected. The material has a non-skid surface and is easily cleaned and maintained. Use BrandArmor Floors material to cover an unattractive surface, expand your branding, and continue the immersive visual experience for your guests.

Curated Artist Series

Transform your space with licensed artwork from our Curated Artist Series. BrandArmor Surfaces has collaborated with some incredible artists to use their original artwork for your custom-printed Walls, Floors, and Ceilings. We work directly with our artists to transform their design and fit it to your office, lobby, restaurant, retail location – or wherever your creativity and imagination takes you. View our Look Book below to learn about our artists, their style, and works available.

BrandArmor Smart Film

Do you want surface coverage AND the ability to change your mind on art, messaging, and the look of your brand? We have a solution! BrandArmor Smart Film is the newest addition to our Surfaces line of products and it’s the perfect choice for when you want the ultimate in flexibility. It’s an animated LED film that provides variable transparency and the ability to show video and still images. 

How it Works

BrandArmor Surfaces finishes are meticulously crafted to serve as enduring architectural treatments, maintaining the same pristine appearance from installation to day 7,000. Our wallcoverings feature a protective polymer film that shields against harmful UV rays from the sun or fluorescent lights, while also repelling stains and dirt effortlessly due to the low-energy surface.

Steps to Incorporating BrandArmor Surfaces

Step 1: Evaluate Your Space

Get started by measuring the space and establishing dimensions as accurately as possible. BrandArmor Consultants will help you take final measurements in order to ensure your graphics fit perfectly, but getting them fairly close in the beginning helps us make the most accurate quote. We’ll also talk you through considering other attributes of the environment that may impact your design choices such as lighting conditions, privacy needs, foot traffic issues and your brand guidelines. Knowing these will help us help you select the right options and to give you a stunning end result.

Step 2: Select Your Artwork or Design

Make sure to send BrandArmor your branding guidelines so we can know what will work best with your brand – or how we can help take your brand to new heights. Think about what inspires you and what you are hoping to achieve with this space.

  • We can use your branding and create something that fits uniquely with your own brand.
  • You can choose a style from our Look Book (see below) or modify one of those designs.
  • You can provide your own images or stock imagery that you’d like to use.
  • You can also work with one of our selected artists to license their work.
  • Finally you might come to us with no particular vision just knowing you want something special. That’s okay, too. Our consultants will help create a bespoke piece of art to go on your walls, floors, or ceiling.

Step 3: Assembling a Quote

Once you’ve selected your artwork and determined the size of your space, we’ll work with you to develop a quote that takes into consideration all aspects of the process from design to installation to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

View Our Look Book

BrandArmor Surfaces Now in 67 Cobb County Schools

BrandArmor Surfaces Now in 67 Cobb County Schools

BrandArmor announced a collaboration with Cobb County School District in June of 2023 to improve the visual appeal of 67 schools' food service areas and increase school meal participation rates using their revolutionary BrandArmor Surfaces wallcoverings. Emily Hanlin,...

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