Frequently Asked Questions

BrandArmor offers a selection of self-adhering, long-lasting, protective decals to keep your fleet looking great, your team safer, and reduce cleaning time. Below are our most frequently asked question. If you don’t see your question addressed, simply contact us and we’ll get in touch with you.

What makes BrandArmor decals better?

BrandArmor products are durable, cleanable decals designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and still look brand new after a hard day of work. Traditional vinyl decals used in vehicle wraps or wall décor are too fragile and don’t offer any protection from Grafitti or dirt. That’s because pollutants bond with the plasticizers in the PVC – which leads to staining, fading, and flaking. 

BrandArmor uses a polymer which coats your graphic decals with a zero-PVC polymer surface which makes your decals chemically inert and able to repel contaminants.

Where can I put BrandArmor products?

The only limit is your creativity! Our CleanFleet products, like CleanShield, CleanCab, CleanDecal, and SafetyFirst tend to be better-suited for vehicles, but they can go anywhere you’d normally place a decal on your car, truck, concrete mixer drum, van, bus, ambulance, boat, tractor… you get the picture. 

BrandArmor Surfaces can go wherever you need to decorate and protect a surface from graffiti and dirt. This means walls, windows, table tops, counter tops, inside and outside of commercial refrigerators and freezers, surfaces in medical offices, dental offices, retail space, hotels, and restaurants. Wondering if BrandArmor Surfaces will work for your unique application? Give us a call to find out.

Can I customize them?

Absolutely! We have a designer ready to help you achieve your vision. Our graphics come in your colors (with PMS color-matching), shapes, sizes, and design.

How do I install my BrandArmor graphics?

BrandArmor graphics are installed on a clean surface similar to standard decals. Any technician familiar with decal installation can apply them. If this isn’t an option for you, we do have certified installers nationwide that we can arrange for you. 

If you’re installing our decals on a vehicle that has been in service and experienced corrosion, those surfaces will need to be repaired and repainted before your decals are applied. 

How do I clean my BrandArmor graphics or coatings?

Use a non-abrasive cleanser or chemical – basically, whatever you would normally use to remove the dirt as long as it won’t scratch the decal. Simple soap and water will do the trick in most cases.

How long do your decals last?

You should expect a 7+ year lifespan for Fleet Graphics. Don’t forget: this doesn’t just mean your decals will “stay on” for 7+ years. It means they’ll look clean, bright, and shiny through their expected lifespan even under the toughest conditions.

5 year warranty seal