All Warranties Are Not Created Equal

BrandArmorTM was was developed to provide the ability to protect and promote your brand through clean, bright & shiny decals and graphics that will hold up to the environment and look great doing so. A lot of research, time and development went into creating the industry leading products and solutions to help you promote your company and your brand.

It seems only proper that as much thought and time would go into creating the matching industry leading warranty to the industry leading products. Unlike other warranties which only cover the replacement of some raw materials, unprinted and on a prorated basis BrandArmorTM offers an exclusive 100% 5-year product replacement. 

BrandArmorTM has gone one step further to create comfort and security for your company. BrandArmor’sTM warranty is fully insured and underwritten by a highly rated national insurance company and is attached to the VIN# of your vehicle.