It’s a 18,000-pound state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care unit ambulance


Greenville, SC, USA — Prisma Health Children’s Hospital is quite excited about a recent delivery. It’s a 18,000-pound state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care ambulance.

“(It’s) designed to specifically transport incredibly ill newborns and allows us to transport two babies at a time,” said Robin LaCroix, the medical director of Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.

Prisma Health Upstate EMS Executive Director Aaron Dix said old NICU ambulance is 11 years old. So now a trained team will be able to use up-to-date medical technology to provide lifesaving care.

“What’s exciting about this vehicle is we get to bring the NICU team to those receiving hospitals,” said Dix. “So, these children, if they’re in duress, we’re able to care for them immediately.”

Prisma Health said the ambulance will serve an important purpose, with Greenville Memorial Hospital serving as a regional perinatal referral center.

“We support a number of delivery hospitals throughout the Upstate,” said LaCroix. “So, this ambulance is needed to go to any of those hospitals that may deliver any sick newborns or premature infants, to transport them back up to our neonatal intensive care unit.”

Prisma Health said nearly 180 babies are transported annually, and some of them weigh less than a pound.

“We are delighted we can bring this to the Upstate community,” LaCroix said.