What is BrandArmor™?

We all see fleets of vehicles plying the roads branded with decals and graphics of all types, colors and designs which are eye-catching, brand enhancing and serve as a significant advertising medium for your company

15 years of experience

Over the last 15 years the large format digital printing industry has exploded creating the ability to provide quick, affordable and eye-catching branding for all companies, large and small. The one Achilles heel has always been durability, the ability to remain clean and cleanable, bright and shiny throughout their serviceable life. The limitations of the vinyl graphics used and their susceptibility to severe degradation and damage from basic environmental pollutants has been a limiting factor. With manufacturer’s instructions telling you to keep basic things like gasoline, bird droppings, sun and tree sap away from your graphics let alone anything harsher, or they will permanently stain and void any warranty.

BrandArmorTM changes the rules of the game by eliminating the most vulnerable part of any graphic project, the vulnerability of the PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) surface to a vast array of chemicals and pollutants which attack and bond with the plasticizers in every PVC product. The result being your branding graphics get dirty and dull looking at minimum, or totally degrade and fail.

BrandArmorTM products are all protected with our patent-pending polymer which protects the environment facing surface with a zero PVC polymer surface. BrandArmorTM is chemically inert and will repel without degradation most environmental pollutants and chemicals which normally attack and degrade regular vinyl graphics. Even if paint, tar or some other pollutant were to fall on the surface, non-abrasive chemicals such as lacquer thinner and MEK can be used to remove the pollutant without effecting the BrandArmorTM polymer surface. BrandArmorTM also blocks the migration of the plasticizers to the surface of the decal eliminating the degradation that accompanies it.

Change the Rules in your branding and graphics game with BrandArmorTM!

The TCS Story

Birthed 14 years ago during the infancy of the large format digital printing revolution TCS is part of a family of companies operating today with a history going back over 37 years and operated by the Feldberg family. The family of companies now spans a plethora of facilities and business lines employing over 150 skilled and dedicated team members.

TCS owns and operates a number of manufacturing facilities across the county and services a wide range of industries and users of large format digital and 3D printing. From vehicle graphics to POP displays to major events, trade shows and basically any type of printed media businesses all use today.

In keeping with TCS leading the pack its BrandArmorTM division gives fleet operators and brand managers a new tool to allow them to protect and project their brands and to keep them clean….Guaranteed!