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What are SafeWalls™?

SafeWalls® are a Type II wallcovering especially formulated for use in Healthcare, Food Service and Hospitality markets where cleanliness, durability, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial features are preferred or required.

SafeWalls® are protected with BrandArmor’s proprietary polymer finish which assures a long lasting, color fast and easily cleaned surface that allows for clean, bright and rich colors for murals and patterns alike. Additionally, the BrandArmor® surface is naturally anti-bacterial and has been manufactured with active anti-microbials that inhibits the growth of 99.9% of microbes on the surface.

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Antimicrobial FDA Approved shield

How Do SafeWalls® Work?

SafeWalls™ are printed on a Non-PVC wallcovering made out of 30% recycled materials and then laminated with our proprietary BrandArmor® film which has Anti-Microbial agents built into the manufacturing process. It is not a coating and as such will not wear off.

How do I Maintain my SafeWalls®?

SafeWalls™ can be cleaned with any non-abrasive cleaner or disincentive. SafeWalls™ low energy surface makes it hard for dirt and stains to adhere and easy to simply wipe off.

What Colors and Designs do SafeWalls™ Come in?

Here is where your imagination can run free. SafeWalls® start out as literally a blank canvas ready to add your custom design or message. As they are digitally printed on demand any shape, color, design or layout is available all at no extra cost.

Are SafeWalls™ Easy to Install?

SafeWalls™ are easy to install and are just like any other wallpaper in that respect. You can work with your favorite wallpaper installer and no special skills or tools other than those they already have are required.

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