SafeWalls™ For Healthcare

Enhanced safety in healthcare, food service, hospitality, retail, and education settings

ATLANTA, July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare, food service, hospitality, educational, retail, and other public facilities in need of durable, safe wall surfaces now have a solution. After more than a year of development, BrandArmor® is offering antimicrobial SafeWalls™ customized wallcoverings. This groundbreaking product combines bacteria and virus resistance with the durability of a polymer finish, all with beautiful custom designs.

SafeWalls – a commercial grade, Type II wallcovering – brings any graphic design or imagery to life, from murals and logos to patterns and photographs. What sets SafeWalls apart is its groundbreaking BrandArmor polymer surface which is naturally antibacterial. Additionally, it is manufactured with safe active antimicrobials, which inhibit the growth of 99.99% of microbes, bacteria and viruses on the surface. Customers can rest easy as the antimicrobial protection embeds in the product and never wears off. With FDA, EPA, and ISO approval, it’s safe to use in all environments.

The BrandArmor properties make SafeWalls adverse to aging, resulting in a vibrantly stunning appearance. SafeWalls are highly chemical and stain resistant so incidental stains such as markers, betadine, and paint simply wipe right off.

“SafeWalls is a unique product in that it’s the only one out there that is polymer based, antimicrobial and stainproof,” says BrandArmor Senior Vice President, Jonathan Baltic. “It’s all about the safety of the antimicrobial, the flexibility of where it can be used, and the durability, backed up by a five-year, 100% product replacement warranty.”

SafeWalls is easy to install like any wallcovering. Customers can work directly with a wallpaper installer, and no special skills or additional tools are required.

Product deliveries begin August 1, 2020. Facility operators looking for a safe, strong, and aesthetically pleasing wallcovering can order SafeWalls directly from BrandArmor by calling 888-962-7667 or email at 

About BrandArmor
BrandArmor Technologies, LLC continues to be an industry leader in the large format digital printing industry. Its products feature a proprietary polymer, which protects the environment-facing surface with a zero PVC polymer. BrandArmor is chemically inert and will repel without degradation most environmental pollutants and chemicals, which normally attack and degrade regular vinyl graphics.