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What are SafetyFirst™ Prismatic Reflectives?

All types of vehicles from public safety to street sweepers operate when the sun is down and it is critical for the safety of the public and the operators that their vehicles are clearly seen and identified. This has traditionally be the job of reflectives. Traditionally these have always been what is referred to as glass bead reflectives. They are an amazing product and allows for visibility from up to 500ft although that can degrade significantly in rain or snow.

SafetyFirst™ Prismatic Reflective being printed
SafetyFirst™ Prismatic Reflective is extremely visible

BrandArmor’s® SafetyFirst™ reflectives are made out of a product used extensively in Europe for years and is now available here in the US. SafteyFirstTM prismatic reflectives are made in very eye-catching, car stopping colors so they remain extremely visible by day built it is at night that they literally shine. Prismatic reflectives have a visibility that is up to 1,800 ft rain or shine.

Can SafetyFirst Prismatic Reflectives be Installed on My Existing Fleet?

Absolutely, all that is required is a clean, dry surface. Whether you are protecting your fleet when new, rebranding an existing fleet or just adding vehicles, CleanDecal® with our BrandArmor® system can protect and promote your fleet.

How do I Maintain my SafetyFirst™ Prismatic Reflectives?

This could not be easier. SafetyFirst™ can be cleaned with most Non-Abrasive cleaners or chemicals. Basically, whatever cleaner or chemical is required to remove the dirt will leave the SafetyFirst™ unfazed. Generally, the soap and water you use to wash the vehicle is all you will need to keep SafetyFirst™ looking great.

What Colors Do SafetyFirst™ Prismatic Reflectives Come in & What About Custom Graphics?

SafetyFirst™ Prismatic Reflectives come in many shapes and styles. Generally the colors used are extremely bright and eye-catching. Any graphic or design is achievable.

Are SafetyFirst™ Prismatic Reflectives Easy to Install?

Yes, the application is very similar to that of standard decals. It can be applied by any technician familiar with decals very quickly. If you would like a certified installer to come to your facility to do the install we can arrange for that on a nationwide basis.