Permanently Antimicrobial

The only commercial Type II wallcovering certified to eliminate COVID-19.

Fully Customizable

Your art, your photos, your design – or choose clear to protect your existing surfaces.


Beautifully Antimicrobial

Stain Free and Worry Free, SafeWalls® Protects!

Repels Dirt & Pollutants

Resists chemicals, dirt, UV fading, oils, and friction with a wipe-clean surface.

Clean Commercial Wall Coverings

Antimicrobial Certification

SafeWalls® commercial wall coverings eliminate COVID-19 by combining bacterial and viral resistance with a polymer finish’s durability – and it’s approved by the FDA, EPA, and ISO for safe use in all environments. SafeWalls uses the groundbreaking BrandArmor+® polymer surface manufactured with safe, active antimicrobials that never wear off. These antimicrobials inhibit the growth of up to 99.99% of microbes, bacteria, and viruses on whatever surface you choose to cover. This means you can rest easy knowing that your wall coverings and high-touch surfaces are permanently antimicrobial and beautifully branded – and they eliminate COVID-19.

SafeWalls’ polymer wallcoverings and surface protection film has been independently tested by ISO 21702 certified lab as effective against SAR-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, reducing the surface virus by up to 96.2% in 1 hour. Also tested effective against staff infection, Mersa and e-coli.

Contaminants cannot thrive on surfaces covered by our antimicrobial film and surfaces protected by SafeWalls do not require cleansing with harsh cleaning agents. For you and your team, this means less time spent disinfecting and more time spent getting back to business.

Industry Applications

You can use SafeWalls anywhere you need an antimicrobial surface – counter tops, walls, desks, displays, and more. The SafeWalls material can be used as a transparent film for a subtle protective cover or you can go bold and incorporate brand colors, murals, photographs, and unique designs in matte and gloss finishes. SafeWalls can be found in hospitals, dental offices, schools, cafeterias, restaurants, retail locations, and gyms across the country. See our SafeWalls Warranty.

Industry Applications
Industry Applications
Industry Applications

Healthcare – Antimicrobial Wall Coverings for Hospitals

If you can attach a sticker to it, we can turn it into an antimicrobial surface! SafeWalls® material is used for decorative, antiviral coatings for walls, tabletops, and other high-touch locations in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and other healthcare settings. Virus do not grow on inanimate surfaces, but they can remain infectious after several hours or even days on metal, glass, wood, fabric, and plastic. SafeWalls repels pathogens around the clock – which allows you to spend more time helping patients and less time keeping up with cleaning schedules.

Education – Safe, Clean School Spirit

Cold and flu season sweep through schools each year with a vengeance. Reduce the transmission of communicable childhood illnesses, protect your faculty and staff, and show your school spirit with antiviral surface coverings. SafeWalls® works in cafeterias, locker rooms, hallways, and anywhere else you have a solid surface to cover. Better yet: SafeWalls wipe clean with ordinary cleansers – even permanent marker comes right off.

Hospitality – Health-Minded Travel and Entertainment

Travel is opening back up and it’s time to think about what your facility is doing to keep visitors healthy without overburdening your staff – hiring is hard enough these days. SafeWalls® provides a viable option for chic décor that protects your team and guests from transmissible illnesses. You can cover lobby walls, check-in desks, hallways, breakfast areas and tabletops, and more with beautifully designed or transparent SafeWalls material.

Office and Retail – Wipe-Clean Surfaces

We’re back in the office, but hyper aware of all the surfaces we touch throughout the day and the pressure is on to sanitize communal surfaces at work. With SafeWalls®, you can get peace of mind by putting virus-repelling coatings on your desks, walls, restroom stalls, and breakroom tables. We can also install SafeWalls on common-area appliances, like refrigerators, so that high-touch areas are protected and safe for your employees. SafeWalls can be transparent or customized to fit your brand and style guidelines.