SafeWalls – Easy to clean, permanently!

Fully Customizable

Your art, your photos, your design – or choose clear to protect your existing surfaces.

Repels Dirt & Pollutants

Resists chemicals, dirt, UV fading, oils, and friction with a wipe-clean surface.

Industry Applications

You can use SafeWalls anywhere you need durable easy to clean wall coverings. The SafeWalls material can be used as a transparent film for a subtle protective cover or you can go bold and incorporate brand colors, murals, photographs, and unique designs in matte and gloss finishes. SafeWalls can be found in hospitals, dental offices, schools, cafeterias, restaurants, retail locations, and gyms across the country. See our SafeWalls Warranty.

Industry Applications
Industry Applications
SafeWalls are indeed stunning and can transform any room enhancing the environment and carrying your message in pictures and / or words. So why Safe, simple SafeWalls are the only polymer protected digital wallcoverings guaranteeing you that your walls will look great on day one, but just as amazing years, even decades later. Stray marks, even permanent sharpies simply wipe away.
Safewalls Wipe Clean
SafeWalls – Easy to clean, permanently. Due to our Stain-Free polymer surface, dirt, stray marks, even graffiti simply wipe away keeping your walls safe from damage.

Everyone loves the look of digital wallcoverings and how they can dramatically change your space but only SafeWalls keep your wallcoverings “Safe” from graffiti and other permanent marks or stains.