At the RSA,  our members are more than just reprographics and we love when they share their #MoreThanRepro applications, solutions and jobs. A couple of years ago, The Color Spot, a full-service large format graphic printing subsidiary of Repro Products located in Atlanta , began to develop a unique product that did not currently exist in the vehicle graphics market.

Through this process, BrandArmor™ was created and, on January 1st of this year, broke off into its own company. Jonathan Baltic, Senior Vice President of Brand Armor, says the product has its “own unique brand and capabilities.”


BrandArmor™ is a low-energy surface material that protects graphics and products from harsh outside elements and remains easy to clean. The product itself is unaffected by most environmental pollutants and remains clean, bright and shiny…’s guaranteed!  

Noting that all graphics look great rolling out the door, Jonathan says BrandArmor™ focuses on the weak points in competitive fleet systems that cause the graphics to fail visually.   BrandArmor’s industry-exclusive 5-year 100% Product Replacement warranty ensures that graphics remain clean and new looking for the long term thus protecting the company’s brand as well as their logo.  

Along with parent company The Color Spot, a full-service printing company focusing on the design, printing and installation of large format graphics BrandArmor is expanding exponentially. Baltic says, “Our purpose in building this eco-system of interconnected products and services was to not incrementally improve what is in the marketplace but rather to reinvent it in a way that changes the rules of the game. We understand how to help you drive your business and protect your brand.”

With BrandArmor being launched nationwide at the beginning of this year, we are very excited to follow their continued success and look forward to future #MoreThanRepro solutions coming from the eco-system that is BrandArmor™.