BrandArmorTM, a patent-pending refuse fleet product line that protects and promotes your brand, now comes with the only 5-Year 100% product replacement warranty in the industry.


For years, refuse fleet operators have had to deal with all kinds of unique problems that deteriorate the appearance of their trucks. Nasty cab shields and cabs with garbage juice running down them don’t present a positive image to the communities you serve. Also affected are the branding stickers and the vital caution stickers on the rear of the vehicle that are applied to prevent accidents. These vehicle parts get so dirty, they are hard (and sometimes impossible) to clean, tarnishing your brand and accelerating the aging process.

BrandArmor solves these long-standing problems and allows you to forecast the cost of your stickers and amortize them over the life of your trucks far into the future. This is made possible by the BrandArmor 5-Year 100% product replacement warranty on all BrandArmor products, including CleanShieldTM, CleanCabTM, CleanDecalTM and our newest line of Prismatic Reflectives. Each of the BrandArmor fleet products are designed to flawlessly wash away the grime your fleet encounters and enable you to present a squeaky clean image.

Of course, all warranties are not created equal. BrandArmor’s exclusive warranty is fully underwritten and insured by a major national, highly-rated insurance company. Your insurance policy will be tied to the VIN# of your vehicle from the date of sale. When planning for your fleet’s protection and your businesses brand promotion, BrandArmor is the choice for operators whether your fleet contains 10 trucks or 10,000.

Finally, BrandArmor products with their superior branding protection and 5-Year warranty, are price competitive with traditional branding solutions. Learn why major truck manufacturers are choosing to install BrandArmor products on their new trucks at the factory as original equipment.

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