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What is CleanShield®?

CleanShield® has been developed with input from Waste Industry leaders to solve the long-suffering issue of cab shields degrading and looking awful. CleanShield® is protected with BrandArmor’s® proprietary system designed to be easily applied, long lasting and most of all impervious to even the most corrosive mixture of environmental and waste related pollutants. CleanShield® can handle just about any pollutant you can throw at, or on it!

How Does CleanShield® Work?

CleanShield® self-adheres to the surface of your cab shield or the other hopper wall of your ASL and provides a permanent barrier between all the damaging corrosive agents in the air or in the containers and cans and your truck. Our patent-pending BrandArmor® polymer outer layer repels pretty much any type of damaging or corrosive liquid or dirt. Even Battery Acid will roll off its back like a water off a duck.

Is CleanShield® Only for New Trucks or Can it be Installed on My Existing Fleet?

You definitely want to install CleanShield® on all your new trucks prior to entering service. This protects them and keeps them looking great. The majority of refuse truck manufacturers including Heil, EZ Pack, New Way & LaBrie offer CleanShield® as a factory installed option or you can of course order direct from BrandArmor® and install prior to entering service.

As for your existing FEL’s & ASL’s Yes, absolutely they can be installed on your existing fleet. On existing fleets, cab shields or hopper walls need to be thoroughly prepped to remove rust and loose bits along with any grease or grime before application. Once your existing trucks are protected with CleanShield® all you will ever need to do in the future is wash it.

How do I Maintain my CleanShield®?

This could not be easier. CleanShield® can be cleaned with most Non-Abrasive cleaners or chemicals. Basically, whatever cleaner or chemical is required to remove the dirt will leave the CleanShield® unfazed. Generally, the soap and water you use to wash the truck is all you will need to keep CleanShield® looking great.

Example – Say for instance someone put a can of paint in their dumpster which upon emptying runs all over your cab shield. Days later you want to clean your truck but the cab shield is covered in drips, splatters and runs of fluorescent orange paint. No worries, just use whatever non-abrasive chemical will remove the paint, acetone, MEK basically any solvent. The paint will wipe off but your CleanShield® will remain unaffected, bright and shiny as the day it was installed.

What Colors Does CleanShield® Come in & What About Custom Graphics?

CleanShield® is a custom-made product and allows for any color or graphic to be incorporated and PMS color matched. CleanShield® can be matched to any paint color (chip supplied when ordering) and graphics can be printed in any shape, color or design to support your brand.

Is CleanShield® Easy to Install?

Yes, the application is very similar to that of standard decals, we call it a “sticker on steroids”. It can be applied by any technician familiar with decals in about 90 minutes. If you would like a certified installer to come to your facility to do the install we can arrange for that on a nationwide basis. There is a great installation video here.