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What is CleanDecal®?

CleanDecal® replaces the graphics and wraps you have on your fleet and see on the street that traditionally all feature standard vinyl graphics. CleanDecals® protected with our patent-pending BrandArmor® system stays clean, bright and shiny throughout its life and comes with the industries only 5-Year 100% product replacement warranty.

How Does CleanDecal® Work?

CleanDecal® self-adheres to the surface of your vehicle or other surface and provides a permanent barrier between all the damaging corrosive agents in the air and your vehicle. Our patent-pending BrandArmor® polymer outer layer repels pretty much any type of damaging or corrosive liquid or dirt. This keeps your brand and graphics clean, bright and shiny throughout its life.

Can CleanDecal® be Installed on My Existing Fleet?

Absolutely, all that is required is a clean, dry surface. Whether you are protecting your fleet when new, rebranding an existing fleet or just adding vehicles, CleanDecal® with our BrandArmor® system can protect and promote your fleet.

How do I Maintain my CleanDecal®?

This could not be easier. CleanShield® can be cleaned with most Non-Abrasive cleaners or chemicals. Basically, whatever cleaner or chemical is required to remove the dirt will leave the CleanShield® unfazed. Generally, the soap and water you use to wash the vehicle is all you will need to keep CleanCab® looking great.

What Colors Does CleanDecal® Come in & What About Custom Graphics?

CleanDecal® is a custom-made product and allows for any color or graphic to be incorporated and PMS color matched. CleanDecal® graphics can be printed in any shape, color or design to support your brand.

Is CleanDecal® Easy to Install?

Yes, the application is very similar to that of standard decals. It can be applied by any technician familiar with stickers in a few hours. If you would like a certified installer to come to your facility to do the install we can arrange for that on a nationwide basis.