What is CleanCab®?

CleanCab™ is a clear or opaque follow on product to our highly successful CleanShield™. This revolutionary product protects the factory paint finish on the roof and front of your valuable new cabover, Autocar, Mack or Peterbilt from being destroyed by garbage juice. Like all or our products it is protected with our patent-pending BrandArmorTM polymer and is designed to be easily applied, long lasting and most of all impervious to even the most corrosive mixture of environmental and waste related pollutants. CleanCab™ can handle just about any pollutant you can throw at, or on it!

How Does CleanCab® Work?

CleanCab™ self-adheres to the surface of the roof and front of your cab, a “sticker on steroids” providing a permanent barrier between all the damaging corrosive agents in the air or in the dumpsters and your cab. Our proprietary BrandArmor™ outer layer repels pretty much any type of damaging or corrosive liquid or dirt. Even Battery Acid will roll off its back like a water off a duck.

Can CleanCab® be Installed on My Existing Fleet?

CleanCab® needs to be installed on either a new truck or one that has been freshly painted due to the damage done by garbage juice on the unprotected cabs.

How do I Maintain my CleanCab®?

This could not be easier. CleanShield® can be cleaned with most Non-Abrasive cleaners or chemicals. Basically, whatever cleaner or chemical is required to remove the dirt will leave the CleanShield® unfazed. Generally, the soap and water you use to wash the truck is all you will need to keep CleanCab® looking great.

What Colors Does CleanCab® Come in & What About Custom Graphics?

CleanCab® is usually an optically clear product which allows your original cab color to show through. In some instances if adding to an existing fleet where the surface of the cab is prepped to remove any dirt, grease and grime but the paint finish is scarred or shipped them CleanCab® can be made in a color to match the color of your cab and cover up all the scratches and chips.

Is CleanCab® Easy to Install?

Yes, the application is very similar to that of standard decals. It can be applied by any technician familiar with stickers in a few hours. If you would like a certified installer to come to your facility to do the install we can arrange for that on a nationwide basis.